We Asked, You Answered: Most Common Asthma Triggers

Recently we requested the Asthma.internet Facebook group: Fill within the clean: My most typical bronchial asthma set off is _____________. And, boy did you reply! This query acquired 1,000 feedback, making it certainly one of our hottest questions ever requested of the group.

While your solutions differed wildly, there have been developments among the many most typical bronchial asthma triggers.


The animal kingdom could also be a consolation to some, however folks with bronchial asthma usually expertise flares when uncovered to another person’s furry mates. Cats have been the animal talked about most frequently, however others added:

  • Anyone that has been by horses
  • The worst of the worst for me are guinea pigs.
  • Most animal dander

Man-made smells, chemical compounds, and fumes

From diesel fumes and visitors exhaust to the odor of bleach, man-made smells and fumes are the worst for a lot of of our followers. Here are among the a whole bunch of bronchial asthma triggers reported:

  • The 2nd hand smoke from the (smoke free!) residence neighbors.
  • Perfume, hand sanitizer, marijuana (I take public transportation.)
  • Smoke, fragrances, air fresheners, these pine cones they use cinnamon on for Christmas.
  • Certain perfumes (oddly, not all perfumes)
  • Fragrance in lotion, cleaning soap, dryer sheets
  • Any robust smells, even cooking smells
  • Cigarette smoke, fragrances
  • Cleaning brokers
  • New bathe curtains, newspaper

One lady even talked about the fountain at her native mall!


Many of you discovered the fumes from vaping to be certainly one of your extra widespread bronchial asthma triggers. In reality, many stated that vaping was worse than different kinds of second-hand smoke.

  • Vape fumes
  • Those vape clouds can really feel fairly caustic.
  • The stuff from e-cigarettes appears to be even worse of a set off than common cigarette smoke.

But simply to point out how totally different bronchial asthma will be from one person to the subsequent, one person reported, “Vape smoke doesn’t bother me at all, but tobacco smoke kills me.”


It appears that many workplaces haven’t but acquired the memo {that a} fragrance-free surroundings is important to maintain many staff healthy.

  • At my final office they might spray room perfume and it could have an prompt impact on my bronchial asthma.
  • I used to be a trainer and different academics would spray room freshener continually. It was horrible. I felt dangerous for the kids who needed to sit in these rooms for hours on finish.
  • I work in a fragrance-free place. Some staff proceed sporting robust fragrances!!
  • I’m allergic to perfumes and laundry merchandise. My final job had a no scent coverage which they by no means enforced. I needed to struggle to breathe. I ended up within the ER 2 to 3 days per week for 3 months. They didn’t consider my asthma attacks have been associated to perfumes within the office.

Food, superb food

Food might carry us consolation and nutrition when it’s not triggering an bronchial asthma assault. Some of the meals that trigger bronchial asthma assaults in our respondents included:

  • Sulfites in beer. I stop consuming beer and lowered my bronchial asthma drugs considerably. Instead of 2 cannisters of salbutamol each six weeks, I now take 4 a 12 months.
  • Wheat, pasta, sulfites, plenty of prepacked/processed meals, some take out/quick food
  • Sulfites, carrageenan, prompt mashed potatoes and lots of different meals
  • Mine initially was triggered after I was a baby by cloudy lemonade and actually robust squash. (For the Americans within the room, these are candy British non-alcoholic drinks.)
  • Eating, although not on a regular basis.

The pure world

Those all pure, but pesky creatures, colds, viruses, and allergens, have been named as widespread bronchial asthma triggers for our group. Other points of the pure world that trigger our commenters issues included:

  • Seasonal pollen
  • Weather extremes like hurricanes
  • Any kind of climate change
  • Humidity
  • Ragweed
  • Wind
  • Grass, particularly recent lower
  • Mold, mildew
  • Dust

Here’s one other signal of how particular person bronchial asthma will be: About half of those that talked about climate named cold as their set off whereas the opposite half stated heat was an issue.

Life itself

Different points of day by day life can set off an bronchial asthma assault for a lot of in our group. Stress and exercise have been the most typical bronchial asthma triggers that have been talked about. Even laughter and lack of sleep causes bronchial asthma assaults in just a few folks. Finally, everybody may relate to the person who named “Everything and anything” as his bronchial asthma triggers.

Learn how to deal with widespread bronchial asthma triggers

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