Snoring womanAbout 22 million Americans have sleep apnea, with a overwhelming majority not even realizing it. This dysfunction happens when your respiration is repeatedly interrupted in the course of the night time. But simply how steadily does this occur? And what can it let you know in regards to the severity of your situation? Read on to be taught extra about sleep apnea in Irving – and simply how typically it might strike.

Why is Breathing Interrupted During Sleep Apnea?

The commonest cause for sleep apnea to happen is for there to be some type of obstruction in your airway. For instance, your throat muscle mass and tongue might loosen up once you go to sleep and fall again on the airway because of this. Other causes would possibly embody bone deformities in your jaw or enlarged tonsils. Also, the dysfunction has been linked to weight problems, ingesting alcohol earlier than mattress, sleeping in your again, and utilizing sure drugs.

How Many Times is Breathing Interrupted?

The variety of respiration interruptions, known as “apneas”, that you just expertise in the course of the night time will range. Patients who sleep usually will usually have fewer than 5 apneas per hour. If you have got delicate sleep apnea, you possibly can count on 5 to 14 occasions every hour, whereas average sleep apnea normally causes about 15 to 29 occasions per hour. Particularly extreme instances of sleep apnea outcome in 30 or extra apneas per hour; that’s doubtlessly a whole bunch of occasions each night time!

What are the Consequences of Sleep Apnea?

When your respiration is interrupted, your mind is compelled to wake the physique as much as resume the move of oxygen, stopping you from getting high quality sleep. This can go away you feeling exhausted in the course of the day, and chances are you’ll be at the next threat for automotive accidents.

Furthermore, sleep apnea will increase your threat for hypertension, coronary heart issues, dementia, weight problems, and diabetes. The extra extreme your sleep apnea, the more serious these health points are prone to grow to be.

What Can You Do About Sleep Apnea?

If you’re discovered to have some type of sleep apnea, it is best to speak to a sleep dentist instantly in order that they will devise an applicable therapy for you. The commonest answer for sleep apnea is CPAP remedy, however you probably have a tough time tolerating the machine, you is perhaps prescribed an oral appliance as a substitute. The equipment will reposition your jaw in order that the tender tissues in the mouth and throat don’t collapse and go away the airway clear. Your sleep dentist may need different strategies that might assist, like altering your sleeping place.

Since chances are you’ll not even bear in mind having sleep apnea occasions in the course of the night time, it may be tough to know simply how extreme the issue is by yourself; that stated, it’s at all times vital to get assist as quickly as attainable so that you could take pleasure in an excellent night time’s relaxation once more.

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Dr. Kent Smith is Sleep Dallas’s founding practitioner and chief medical officer, and he’s been serving to sufferers in Irving affected by sleep respiration issues for over 25 years. He’s double board-certified in dental sleep medication and recurrently facilitates nationwide and worldwide seminars and lectures on the topic. To schedule an appointment, go to his website or name (844) 409-4657.

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