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What is COPD?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary illness is a respiratory drawback additionally referred to as COPD. Sometimes it is referred to as “smoker’s lung”, persistent bronchitis, and/or emphysema. Source link

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Treatment Choices

Bronchodilators, Steroids, antibiotics, cough medicines, ect...

Innovative Equipment

Nebulizers, inhalers, Cpaps, Bipaps, Home Ventilators, Pulse Oximeters, Heart rate monitors ect...

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Physical rehab, Cardiac rehab, Quit smoking, Breathing exercises, Coughing techniques, ect...

Diagnostic procedures

Bronchoscopys, X-rays, Cat scans, MRI's and Cardiac testing, ect...

Surgical Options

Lung transplant,Lobectomy, Stents,Tracheostomy, Biopsy, ect...

Clinical Trials and Research

Latest clinical trials and reasearch (What works and what doesn't)

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