Spacer for Children– Includes Mask I Fits All Sizes I BPA-Free, Non-Toxic I Upgraded Version w/Visual Air Flow Indicator & Flow Whistle | Compact & Lightweight I Kids Medium/Adult Small


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Why should you purchase this item?

Choose the Breathing Buddy Spacer to maximize the effects of your inhalr in a simple and practical manner! With a sturdy construction, comfortable and user-friendly design, you will have no problems convincing your little ones to inhale their medicine in a fast and waste-free manner. Plus, unlike similar products on the market, this aero spacer is extremely easy to clean!

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Flow Signal Whistle;
  • Anti-static;
  • Visual Air flow indicator;
  • High Quality Medical Grade Silicone;
  • BPA Free;
  • Soft-Seal Technology;
  • Compact and lightweight design;
  • Easy to clean;
  • No wasted medicine, saves you money and time;
  • Great for kids;
  • Transports active substances to the lungs, rather than to the mouth and throat.
  • Directions for Use and Cleaning instruction clearly printed on the package


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Additional information

Weight 4 oz