Handheld Inhaler machine Portable Cool Mist Humidifier for Kids Adults Rechargeable Household nebulizer(blue)


Enjoy the better breath with the small cute inhaler machine

Product technical data
1. Frequency: 108Hz
2. Particle size: 3~5um
3. Cup capacity: 15ml
4. Product size: Approx D42 xH 105mm
5. Weight: Approx 97g
6. Battery type: Built-in rechargeable battery
once full charge, the inhaler can use about 4 hours

How to use

1. Clean and disinfect the container cup,mouthpiece and other accessories before using them for the first time after purchase.
2. Confirm the inhaler machine is well assembled and full charge before using.
3.Carefully measure the liquid as instructed by your physician or professionals and put them into the water vessel
4.Tighten the water vessel cover and attach other parts like the mouthpiece and mask to the inhaler based on your need
5. Press and hold the switch button for 5 seconds, the green-blue light flickering,means the device into working condition
6. Press the switch again,the light turns blue,indicate the inhaler is on the largest amount of atomization for a 15 mins working
7. Press the switch button again,the green light flashes to indicate the minimum amount of atomization for a 15mins treatment.
The device will be turn off after 20 seconds if there is no operation.
Check if the inhaler has electricity. If not, charge it fully before use.
Check if the atomizer transducer mesh is clogged or if there is a small drop. Place some white vinegar or medical alcohol in the tank and operate for 5 minutes to clean the atomized transducer network.
Make sure there is enough water in the container and the temperature is between 68-104°F.
If something goes wrong, turn off the device for 10 seconds, then turn it on again.

Provide one year of after-sales service (return or replacement), if you have any questions, please contact us.