CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer | Sterilization Machine | UV, Ozone | CPAP Mask Tubing Disinfection Cabinet


You need more than just CPAP Wipes! A Triple Strong CPAP sterilization box. Includes UV Disinfection, Ozone Sterilization And Mirror Reflection. Ozone Disinfection In 35 Minutes. Quiet and Comfortable Use. 

★★Not Just For CPAP Equipment!★★

Multiple Sterilization Uses:

✔CPAP Equipment


✔Baby Teething Toys

✔Feeding Bottles


✔Endless Other Items


  • Multi-functional – Multi-Use
  • Noise Reduction Design
  • UV & Ozone Sterilization/Disinfection
  • Includes 4 Tube Adapters
  • Sterilize Mask And Hose Simultaneously


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Weight 3.1 oz