3B Lumin CPAP Cleaner – Ozone Free UV CPAP Mask and Accessory Sanitizer and Disinfectant


  • 2 Year Warranty – The Lumin requires virtually no maintenance with no filters to replace and a long lasting UVC light bulb that’s rated to easily outlast the life of your device. We recommend using Lumin twice weekly on your hose.
  • No Harmful Ozone – Ozone is shown by the EPA to irritate the lungs and the respiratory system. Stop hurting your health with ozone cleaners that require lengthy dissipation wait time. Your device can be used immediately, with no residue to wipe off or waiting period required.
  • UV Kills 99% Of Bacteria – Lumin relies on the same high powered germicidal UVC light used in operating rooms and surgical centers worldwide to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus, and mold.
  • Disinfect In 5-Minutes – Featuring a one-touch operation and automatic shut-off, your Lumin chimes and lights up to let you know when the cleaning cycle is complete.
  • Designed for CPAP, Useful for Anything! – The 3B Lumin can disinfect any item that fits in the drawer. Quickly sanitize your CPAP mask, hose and water chamber in minutes. Also use to disinfect your toothbrush, electronics, hearing aids, cell phones, or even children’s toys.
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    Weight 7.9 oz