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This article seems in Nov. 6 Weekly Health web page.

When docs informed Frances Faulkenburg she had sleep apnea, she was greater than prepared for reduction from her drained-all-the-time existence. She used to go to sleep at purple lights whereas behind the wheel. At evening, she’d get up gasping for air, coronary heart pounding. Her husband informed her she snored.

But Faulkenburg, 47, couldn’t tolerate the CPAP machine her physician prescribed.

“I just could not get used to the face mask covering both my nose and mouth,” mentioned Faulkenburg, who lives in Oviedo, Florida.

“It was claustrophobic.”

CPAP, or steady constructive airway strain, is commonly one of many first options docs counsel for sleep apnea. With this dysfunction, a person’s respiratory stops and begins so steadily in the course of the evening that it could result in or exacerbate health issues. The National Sleep Foundation estimates that greater than 18 million American adults have sleep apnea.

A CPAP machine blows a stream of air into the again of the throat to let individuals breathe simpler. It prevents muscle mass at the back of the throat from narrowing, which might constrict the airway, inflicting loud night breathing or disturbed sleep.

Yet Faulkenburg give up utilizing her CPAP and went again to feeling sleepy and drained on a regular basis.

Many individuals have a unfavorable response to the machines and are tempted to do the identical. The huge whoosh of air in your throat. The restrictive masks in your face. It is usually a lot to regulate to. Studies counsel that from one-third to greater than 50% of sufferers both cease utilizing their CPAP machine or by no means hassle to fill their prescription. They give up for quite a lot of causes, however largely as a result of the system will be cumbersome and uncomfortable. Sometimes, they give up due to complicated or stringent health insurance coverage restrictions.

But the health results of untreated sleep apnea will be severe. People battle with nervousness, tiredness and low productiveness. There’s even an elevated danger of hypertension, coronary heart assault and stroke.

Mary Mertens, a respiratory therapist on the Cleveland Clinic, helps sufferers work by issues with their CPAP machine. Patients usually complain that the amount of air the machine places out feels too intense.

“Think about it as sticking your head out of a car window with your mouth open at 60 mph versus 25 mph,” mentioned Mertens. “The high pressure can be very overwhelming.”

So Mertens’ group goes to individuals’s properties to assist troubleshoot issues. That contains explaining sleep apnea and the way a CPAP can assist.

“Picture the air passage at the back of their throat like a garden hose with no water in it. The hose collapses down,” mentioned Mertens. That’s what occurs when a person with sleep apnea is sleeping.

“When we put a CPAP on somebody, it’s like turning the water on for the garden hose,” she mentioned. “The hose then pops open and stays open.”

At the Cleveland Clinic, about 70% of sufferers within the Respiratory Home Care program preserve utilizing their CPAP, Mertens mentioned.

Follow-up is vital. Mertens’ group checks in with sufferers in the course of the first three to 5 days, once more between 30 and 45 days and once more between 60 and 90 days.

Faulkenburg, the affected person in Florida, first tried a CPAP 15 years in the past however by no means checked again together with her pulmonologist when she was struggling. And, she mentioned, the doctor by no means contacted her. Then a number of individuals in her social circle died of their sleep – all of them proper round her age. Those tales shook Faulkenburg, and she or he determined to attempt her CPAP once more.

“I got a mask that covered just my nose, which let my mouth stay closed. That ended up being the whole issue,” she mentioned. “I sleep so good, I can’t sleep without my CPAP now.”

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