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To the editor:

Thank you for publishing the Ask The Doctor article concerning the health advantages of nasal breathing (“Ask the Doctors: Nose breathing more beneficial than mouth breathing,” Nov. 4). The article talked about a number of the advantages of nasal breathing versus breathing via the mouth, by explaining how breathing via your nostril will increase the oxygen delivered to all of the cells of the physique. As pediatric health professionals, we wish to emphasize the essential advantages of building nasal breathing as quickly as doable for rising children.

Mouth breathing can have an effect on your kid’s immune system, their posture, their means to pay attention at school, their temper and importantly, how effectively they sleep. Sleep Disordered Breathing, which is linked to mouth breathing, in children has been proven to result in signs of ADHD, studying disabilities, anxiousness, depression, mattress wetting, and in children earlier than age 5, a possible 10 level discount in IQ. Mouth breathing may also enhance the probabilities of ear and higher airway infections,gastric reflux, bronchial asthma and enlarged tonsils and adenoids. There are actually different points that might make it tough to breath via your nostril and maintain your tongue within the palate like allergy symptoms and/or obstructions (tonsils, adenoids and tongue tie) which can require extra attention, however establishing correct nasal breathing and tongue relaxation place is critical.

So sure, nasal breathing is vitally essential in children for their common health and wellness. It additionally permits for correct jaw growth and skeletal progress, perfect facial growth and symmetry and thus sufficient room for all of the enamel to erupt into a fantastic smile.

We educate that the mouth is for eating, the nostril is for breathing. Our aim is to determine nasal breathing with lips closed, tongue on the highest of the mouth resting within the palate and swallowing with out extreme motion of the decrease lip and chin. We are seeing unbelievable outcomes with serving to youngsters breath via their nostril.

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With sleep disordered breathing, loud night breathing and sleep apnea turning into epidemic in our trendy society, it is critical to acknowledge, diagnose and deal with breathing problems in children earlier than they turn into adults with severe health points. Proper nasal breathing in children results in healthy youngsters with stunning faces and smiles that develop into healthy adults.

It all begins with breathing via your nostril. Health is magnificence and studying how one can breath via your nostril is the inspiration

Lauren Ballinger, DDS,

Steven Yarmosky, DDS,

Louis Yarmosky, DDS,


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